duchessatreides (duchessatreides) wrote in clitoriphiles,

Intro post + a nice link

Hey all! If you're still here that is. I noticed this community's been dead for 11 weeks.
Anyway, I've been looking for a community of clit lovers for a looooooong time. I'm a total clit-adorer (and mine definitely wants me to be) and on my planet we'd have a clit-worshiping cult. More on that later.
Here's a link I came across just now with a poem dedicated to the little bundle of joy:


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Hello! I'm new to this group. I learned about it from duchessatreides. We have clit adoration in common. It is sad to see a group dedicatied to the amazing and lovely jewel so quiet. There are so many clits to adore and celebrate and so little time! Cum on!