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clitoriphiles's Journal

the vulval appreciation league
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mission statement: the vulval appreciation league exists to promote, glorify, celebrate, discuss, revel in, and altogether enjoy the wondrous suite of phenomena that comprise female sexuality and the cunt itself. the founding premise of the vulval appreciation league is to promote vulval awareness and clitoral epicureanism...any & all contributions to further social consciousness in a cunt-loving direction will be massively appreciated. however, to change the world one must first start with oneself. the vulval appreciation league has a firm commitment to vulvallove on the part of its members, whether the cunt in question is one's own or another, and a commitment to one's own existence as a sexpositive feminist. any entries that further one's development as a sexpositive feminist are welcome within the clitoriphiles community. this may include (but is not limited to) rants, revelations, erotic art, sexually explicit musings, raw sexual tension, instructions, requests for information, how-to-guides, critiques and confessions. be beautiful, people...but first, be real.