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For those in Tennessee

For those in Tennessee

Chloe and I have had just about enough of California and are seriously considering moving out of state.

One of the states we are seriously considering is Tennessee… however it being dead center in the Bible belt we have some concerns that the state cannot support our lifestyle.

We enjoy going to strip clubs and getting lap dances.
… going to adult boutiques and buying interesting and fun marital aides. We are not talking about the basic white hard plastic vibrator, but really good stuff
… attending swing parties, both in private homes and at clubs. While “underground” has its interesting and exciting points we don’t want to be in constant fear that the cops are going to raid and arrest us for having consensual sex in the presence of other consenting adults.
… BDSM, and not just in our bedroom, but also at professional dungeons that host parties. And not just pretend bondage either, we have an interest in flogging, rope work and oh so much more.
… attending munches for the OPEN exchange of ideas
… renting porn and not in the seedy back room of the liquor store.

Is Tennessee right for us?

X posted like hell…
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