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My sick sad boyfriend....

I always. i mean always give my boyfriend head. no matter what time of day or where we are at the time. whenever he sees me i just give it to him. mainly because i love doing. (it makes me feel sexy). Anyhoo...he never gives me head back. never in his life has he done it and i'd never received it. So one night i pressured him into doing it. it took me twenty minutes to get him to do it. i mean im sitting there with my legs open and everytime he put his head down he'd start laughing and just lay on my stomach. So he finally stopped fucking around and did it. he was so awful. i know id never received it but id seen it in so many pornos that i know what its supposed to feel like. his tongue was dry and tight not wet and loose like it was supposed to be. and then to top it off...he called me salty. Oh hell no! I knew he'd be eating me out that night so i washed extremely carefully. i think it was from the intercourse we'd had before he ate me out Heres the thing. He hasnt done it again since then and i continue to give free head. How do i get him to eat me out and like it? I used the feminine intimate wash by Summers that good for when you're gonna get ate out? How can i make it taste better? Or is it just his inability to open his mind that makes him pay such close attention to the taste?
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