Dirrty Girl (fuck_my_face) wrote in clitoriphiles,
Dirrty Girl

ok i just joined here and i already have a question. i have also been reading posts and giving my knowledge. :D but i'm totally stumped on this one.

i've been having sex for about 2 years now but i always have the same problem: i'm always dry. when i get excited it does like the opposite of what its supposed to do. instead of getting wet, i dry up. and i've tried using lube before but for some reason it gets sticky and gross and kinda starts to hurt after a while(i use KY Jelly). i've talked to my doctor about it and for a while he thought it was cuz of some meds i was on so he made me stop taking them....well the problem still arises. my doc says to just use lots of lubrication but as i said, sticky icky ness. the weird thing is, i have lots of discharge all the time. well not lots maybe but slightly more than normal, i always have. but yet when it comes time for sex, i'm dry as dust. can anyone help me?? sex can get very painful sometimes because of this. all comments are wlecome.

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